Muscle car maintenance costs


The maintenance costs often scare away potential muscle car owners. To make things worse, the expensiveness is not the sole obstacle on the road to muscle car ownership. After All, why buy a car that would only give you massive headaches and make your wallet slimmer. Your car should fulfill its paramount function - practicality. More often than not, I came across a octane-lacking Firebird or Mustang that grew to become a massive dust catcher. In this article we are going to acquaint you with the day-to-day realities of a muscle car owner focusing on the maintenance costs.


Spares and services

Certainly, muscle cars provide a lot of adrenaline thanks to their ridiculous power and unique appearance. Having said that, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, a car failure is ought to happen, and when it happens you know it’s going to cost you quite a sum of money. While it happens, it may turn out that finding the right and affordable spares is close to impossible. What’s more, the long delivery expectation (sometimes close to a month) may render you unable to drive. Moreover, finding a car expert experienced in muscle cars is an another head scratcher.  Truth be told, american cars do not fit into the mainstream category. For that reason, most car mechanics have little to no acquaintance with the american automotive technology. That’s why it’s paramount to have a specialist fix your car. You should prepare yourself in this regard even before the purchase. Please find the list of our trusted experts here, and spares on

Choosing the optimal option and the aftermath

When it comes to importing cars from across the ocean - the risk of running across a car with a history increases. However, there are tools available to not fall into this trap. You can check the car insurance history from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it’s worth keeping in mind the peculiarity of american automotive industry - sometimes cars with mixed body parts are simply a factory mistake and do not have an accident history. When it comes to motors - you needn’t worry as such problems occur rarely. On the other hand, however, you should keep in the back of your head that checking the car fluids level is a must. Muscle cars often take a little too much motor oil. We advise taking a deeper look at a car insurance history as well as acquainting yourself with the topic by talking to specialists.


Muscle cars are a dream to many of gearheads. What resonates with us is their immense power and unique appearance. These living fossils, so to say, need a lot of love and patience - which, when fulfilled, pays off in the long run. The first step to keeping the maintenance costs low is to check the car insurance history - this will ensure no major breakdown is ahead of you. The second step is finding an expert and a parts provider in advance, as doing so in the heat of the moment may be mind boggling.