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Our parts come from brands that are well-known in the USA and Europe. You're not buying a pig in a poke. We only offer trusted and labeled goods, not generic or no-name products. As a direct distributor of IkonMotorsports, MP Concepts, MMD, Steeda, and more, we ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

Fast delivery from & to EU

Every product in our inventory is physically stored in our warehouse located in Poland. This enables us to provide efficient delivery within just a few working days to any country within the European Union. Rest assured, each order comes with a tracking number to keep you updated on its status throughout the shipping process.

Real results gallery

Want to see the actual results and gain confidence in the quality and appearance of our products? We invite you to check out the final effects achieved with the parts we offer. Just click on the Facebook icon located in the upper right corner, and you'll have access to a gallery of pictures featuring our customers' cars.

Selling parts?

We offer special discounts for dealers who order significant quantities of goods. If you want to broaden your product range, contact us for a full offer and cooperation details.

Interested in dropshipping?

We can ship parts from our warehouses directly to your customers. This solution ensures great value for money for you and quicker delivery time for your customers.

Running a car repair shop?

If muscle cars are the specialty of your team, you can become our partner workshop. You will gain better prices for all parts and our customers will gain a trusted place to go to for a professional installation, which will generate additional profits for you. Win-win.

Producing different products?

Send us your offer on items for cars that we specialize in. We will be happy to broaden our product range with some new and proven parts.

Modify your muscle car with JGD Attack!

Parts for Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger & more

Are you looking to style your modern muscle car with some new sporty parts and accessories? We got you covered. We are here to help all enthusiasts of the American automotive industry build their dream customized cars. You no longer have to wait months for a parcel from the United Stated – all styling parts you need are physically located in our warehouses in Poland and it takes only a few working days to deliver them to any country in the European Union. Everything listed on comes from reliable sources and can be delivered to you quickly – we do not dropship or do preorders. Whatever goals you have for your Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Challenger, Corvette, or American pickup, JGD Attack has the parts and knowledge to provide you with what you need to complete your project. Don’t risk buying products from unverified sources – our selection includes a range of parts and accessories that have been tested and certified by internationally recognized TÜV Austria.

The leading distributor in Europe

We are a distributor with passion, expertise, and experience. JGD Attack offers a whole wide range of body parts and exterior accessories, including hoods, bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, window louvers, grilles, quarter window scoops, and much more. We are aware of how important it is to select nothing but quality replacements and modifications for your vehicle – we own amcars ourselves. We strive to ensure that high quality always goes hand in hand with the most competitive prices. Thus, if you are searching for the best deals on parts for Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger or Corvetteom brands like IkonMotorports, MP Concepts, MMD or Steeda – look no further than The knowledge we gained through years of running our store has allowed us to earn the trust of thousands of customers. You don’t have to take our word for that – just check the Google feedback.

With JGD Attack, car tuning is simple

We pride ourselves on being the leading customer-centric company in the whole muscle car aftermarket industry in Europe. We became the first choice of customers by putting them first. We know modifying your amcar can be challenging and that’s why the #JGDteam is there for you every step of the way. We are ready and willing to help during your whole tuning journey, from the selection of accessories to their installation. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we gained during years of selling parts for American muscle cars, we are always ready to help in case you have any additional questions. We cooperate with trusted mechanics hence you can always contact us for professional advice and make the installation go smoothly!


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GT500-styled hoods - how do they differ?

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GT500-styled bumpers - which one to choose?

GT500-styled bumpers - which one to choose?

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Should you modify your muscle car?

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Beware of fake TUV certificates

Beware of fake TUV certificates

Attention, German customers!   Beware of scammers selling counterfeit products with fake TUV certificates with the JGD ATTACK logo. The original TÜV certificate contains the original stamp, original signature (NOT A COPY!), and...