The Phenomenon of Muscle Cars in Europe


The golden age of muscle cars is long gone. Taking into account the sudden increase in the popularity of, fully or partially, electric cars, the probability of muscle cars taking back their rightful throne is close to zero. However, starting from the turn of the century, the experts have observed the resurgence of muscle cars on the European market. Cars previously unavailable for the vast majority of that society, started to pop up on the streets of Europeans cities. What’s shocking is that it does not only apply to capital cities or other tier one cities - it is also in the small cities or villages that you may come across an american muscle car.


Source of the Phenomenon

The obvious main cause of the rise of popularity of muscle cars in Europe is the Hollywood film industry. Both old and new productions incorporate american muscles in their films, which, consequently,  is the cinematography that raised the Baby Boomers, and Generation X. When it comes to millenials, definitely the biggest influence is the Fast and Furious series, which managed to become deeply rooted in our society and culture. The purr of muscle cars, the adrenaline of street racing, and memorable characters is what created the new clients for the American automotive industry. I guess we  can all agree that the effect is phenomenal, if you will. Regardless of the intent.



The power-induced accelerated heart rate, their aggressive looks, and everlasting cult - those are the reasons behind the phenomenon of muscle cars in Europe. Upon hearing the phrase “american car”, the regular Joe would rather imagine an old Ford Mustang rather than Ford Escort (no offence, but you get my point).
As Europeans we categorize cars under three categories - everyday, sports, and luxury cars. Despite the fact that, from the theoretical point of view, some of the cars made in the Old Continent would fit the category of “muscle cars” - no one dares to do so. To support my point, let me just say that even the official websites of American companies targeted at Europeans describe their products as “sports cars”, rather than “muscle cars”. 

Surprisingly, the demand for such aggressive beasts with a powerful motor under the hood does not seem to slow down in the slightest. That’s the reason why some of the Europeans automotive companies try to constantly up themselves producing better and better cars that fit the category of a muscle car. Hence, it would not come as a shock if in the foreseeable future we would call the European equivalent a “muscle car” itself.


What muscle cars are the most popular in Europe?

There’s no surprise here - according to the data, the inhabitants of the Old Continent  choose mostly the Mustangs, Camaros, or Challengers.  If you will also decide to buy one of the mentioned icons of the american automotive industry, do not hesitate and visit our store at - please find there all manner of parts which will help you airbrush your new car.

Although, muscle cars the likes of Dodge Charger are still less mainstream than others, the knowledge of potential clients may soon change for the better.