What you need to know when importing a car from the USA to Europe


American automobiles are an attractive target of car lovers across the world, not only because of their inexpensiveness, interior luxury, or prestige associated with them, but, above all, due to the fact that automotive industry in this corner of the world has produced some of the most iconic cars, such as the Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers or Chargers.

Having decided to import your dream American vehicle, it’s by all means necessary to keep in mind few questions associated with such a process, i.e. the condition your car is in, means of transportation, fees, and the binding policies in your country regarding vehicles. The further sections of this article elaborate on these questions.

American Dream

When considering importing a car from the United States, the first step would be to decide how do you want your car to arrive to your doors. One of the available solutions would be simply to catch a flight to America. This particular option seems reasonable, as it would allow you to not only to see the car yourself, but also to make a round around the block in order to test it thoroughly. However, keep in mind that such a voyage is quite costly and not being acquainted with the american automotive industry would place you at a disadvantage from the get go. We recommend leaving it to experts, who do it for a living and know the ins and outs of the industry and car dealership.

Customs clearance

Ironically, choosing a specialist would save you money. Companies dealing with the car importing process offer a number of destinations where they can transport your vehicle to, such as Germany, the Netherlands, or Poland. Experts agree that Germany is worth considering as not only the destination, but, more importantly, also the customs clearance point. The arguments speaking in favor of this option include, among others, low fees, less complicated and more rapid procedures.

Test drive

Upon seeing your dream car there is the immense yearning to jump into it and drive it yourself. Nonetheless, we advise you against it. It’s of the utmost importance to have your new automobile checked, as it may turn out that your vehicle cannot be allowed to enter the streets of Europe -  therefore, making it illegal to drive it.  Control services allow no room to maneuver in this regard.

Potential traps

After a check up, more often than not, it may turn out that your new automobile requires few modifications. For there’s a stark contrast between vehicle regulations on the Old and New continent. Some of the most common hurdles include headlamps, and turn signals. Touching upon the topic of modifications, it is necessary to bring up the possibility of killing two birds with one stone by deciding to, also, fine tune your dream sports car. Have a look at our store JGDattack.eu.

All in all…

Importing a car from the USA can be ridden with major risks. That’s the reason why it’s of the utmost importance to stay level headed and trust your common sense in order to make your dream of owning an american car come true. We advise you to keep in mind the efficiency of a given option, to research the customs process, probable traps, as well as modifications that would allow you to drive your new dream vehicle.