GT500-styled bumpers - which one to choose?

One of the questions Mustang owners ask the most often - the differences between the GT500 bumpers from IkonMotorsports and MP Concepts. When you take a look at the cars' pictures, they look completely alike, but are they really the same? No.

✔ Material: Both bumpers, just like the original one, are made of polypropylene.
✔ Installation: The process is pretty much the same, but when it comes to painting - IkonMotorsports wins. Consisting of more elements, it is easier and cheaper to be painted, and it can be done more precisely.

✔ Appearance: There's basically one difference - the chin spoiler. MP Concepts offers a more aggressive look.


To illustrate the differences, let's check the product pictures of the GT500 bumpers for 2018+ Mustang models.


Are the differences noticeable on cars? Judge for yourselves.

*On the above car with the MP Concepts bumper, the side extensions of the chin spoiler were not installed

All in all, your decision on which bumper to choose should be based on your liking and the cost of painting services in your country. We believe you'd be satisfied with both presented options!

If you plan a hood swap, see: GT500-styled hoods - how do they differ?