GT500-styled hoods - how do they differ?

The most popular GT500-styled bumpers and hoods are offered by 2 producers: IkonMotorsports and MP Concepts. Let's see exactly what the differences between the two hoods are.
✔ Material: Both hoods, just like the original one, are made of aluminum.
✔ Installation: Ikon's hood scoop is installed from the inside of the hood's center hole, while the MP's one is screwed ON the hood.
✔ Appearance: Ikon has a bigger hood scoop than MP. The MP Concept's scoop is considerably higher, which influences the driver's visibility. In that manner, the Ikon Motorsports hood with its almost flat scoop is definitely more practical.
To take a closer look at the differences, let's check the product pictures of the GT500 hoods for 2018+ Mustang models.

When you look at the cars, the differences are apparent.
Take a closer look at the hood scoops:
Summing up, the main differences are the size and height of the hood scoops. If we were to choose which product is more practical, we would go for IkonMotorsports. When it comes to appearance - the MP Concepts hood looks just as good. The choice is up to the driver!
If you plan a bumper swap, see: GT500-styled bumpers - which one to choose?

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