2015 - 2022

2015 - 2022

Iconic models that everyone would like to have

Who among us does not associate the cult film from 1971 entitled "Vanishing Point"? A movie, like a movie, but who does not remember this amazing car that the main character drove through! There is no need to answer this question. Because the Dodge Charger is a classic! The Dodge brand is associated primarily with muscle cars.

Muscle car is a passenger car with exceptionally high performance, with a large engine and rear drive. The car type is mainly associated with the United States or Australia. The production of American muscle cars was mainly in the years 1964-1975. This type of car is treated as a separate category of sports car, as it differs significantly from small and fast vehicles, which were often two-seater. The ancestor of this type of car was the Chrysler 300 from 1955. The era of popularity of these cars ended with the advent of the fuel crisis. These cars, however, still arouse great enthusiasm among motoring fans.

What do we love Dodge Charger cars for?

The name of the company was given by two brothers, Horace and John Dodge, who had been producing cars since 1914. In 1925, they sold their business to none other than Walter Chrysler. For years, the company was known for the production of pickups. The first Dodge Charger I was presented for the first time in 1966. The vehicle featured 180-degree headlights that hid when turned off. Only 468 copies of this car were built in the year of its premiere.

In 2005, Dodge decided to reactivate the name Charger, but decided to produce completely different cars under it. The 2005 Charger model simply became a high-end sedan. Dodge Charger II was presented in 2010 and was a conceptual continuation of the previous version. The model has, however, a characteristic embossing on the door, a stylized front apron, as well as characteristic rear lamps.

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